Summer Camps for Teenagers

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Summer is fast approaching and believe me, having your teenager at home 24/7 won’t be good for anyone.  More than at any other age, they need to keep active and engaged and although it is more difficult to get them interested on joining a summer camp, this handy list will help you encourage them to join in the fun.

This list has been put together based in our own experience and that of the parents around us with kids 12-16 years old and it is not necessarily on a hierarchical order. Here are the first 6 out of 18 Summer Camps for Teenagers we recommend:

1. Hollyburn Yatch Club Sailing Camps

With lesson for kids all ages, we find this camp particularly suited for teenagers who have any affinity to water. The instructors are young adults which make it easier for the kids to relate to them and they become role models for them.

The most amazing part of this camp is the location. Located in the beautiful Ambleside Beach, lunch Breaks and non-sailing days become a gathering of friends right by the ocean where they will enjoy games and breaks in a very relaxed atmosphere. The kids work hard at leaning to sail while having a perfect balance within having a fun and being safe in the water.

2. Serious Fun Summer Camps

The Serious Fun Summer Camps at Capilano University are designed to stimulate curious minds. They have Half to Full Day Camps for Teenagers that allow them to explore a wide range of themes, from Computer animation, computer Programing, to acting, cooking or playing string instruments.You will sure find the right fit for your teenager in these Camps.

3 Capilano Blues Summer Sports Camps

Blues Sports Camps offer community sports programs for elementary and high school students. Our programs aim to develop sport in our community by providing high quality instruction from University coaches and athletes in a safe and inclusive environment.

Capilano Blues offers Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee & Soccer.

Both sets of camps offer hot-lunch and supervision options:

4. Flow Mountain Biking Camps


Combining exciting adventure with the great outdoors, this program offers kids the opportunity to discover the fun of mountain biking and trail riding in a safe environment. Focus on teaching trail riding skills in a fun and progressive manner allows riders of all levels to ride with confidence and flow. Levels cater to those just discovering mountain biking to those looking to work on advanced skills like drops, skinnies and log rides.

Mountain Biking, we have discover, offer teenagers an amazing community, role modeled by incredible people that engage youth in a world of kind, tough mental ability, going beyond the physicality of the sport. It’s a great Sport for teenagers to get hooked in.

5. Grouse Mountain Youth Summer Camps

For kids 13 to 16, Grouse Mountain is offering 2 youth-oriented programs – Mountain Venture and Art in the Alpine. The Venture program is designed especially for youth who are interested in learning wilderness survival skills. Art in the Alpine will give your teen the chance to be creative with a variety of media while engaging with the nature and the outdoors.

Living in the North Shore, surviving skills are paramount to the enjoyment of the great outdoors we are lucky to call home.

6.  UBC Sign Language Camp for High School Students


This camp is designed for high school students ages 15-18 & will only be accepting 16 students!

Improve your signing skills and get a taste of UBC campus life this summer in this new program designed to get you using Sign Language in real-life situations. The immersion approach is used to teach beginner level vocabulary and grammar. This course is suitable for those with no previous exposure to American Sign Language (ASL). By the end of the week you should be able to engage in simple conversations.

Next six Camps will be posted next Week! Stay Tuned and Register on our site to get more exiting news about camps and activities in Vancouver!