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When your kids reach that age where they may not be interested in going to camp, talk to them about getting engaged in activities or camps that will give them the opportunity to eventually work and earn some money for themselves.

Most summer camps now offer “Leadership Camps” geared specifically to older teenagers, giving them the tools to eventually become “Camp leaders” and the opportunity to volunteer or get hired.

During Fall and Winter there are always  babysitting courses, referee courses for soccer or field hockey, and let’s keep in mind that eventually they might want to be skiing or snowboarding instructors. By keeping them engaged on these camps they will have a better chance to find seasonal jobs while still having fun with activities they love.

Some great activities or interesting camps  at this age are: Cooking Classes or Camps, Certifications to eventually become a lifeguard, Dance Camps and of course very popular, Computer Animation Camps or lessons.

Also, don’t forget that a lot of these camps are often looking for young encouraging people to work and be an example to the younger kids…