About Us

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KIDS CAMPS CANADA was born out of my frustration in constantly trying to find information to register my kids in activities and camps at any given time of the year. I never knew what was available, when to register, what it would cost and who to contact!!!

As a parent, I frequently rely on the  mommy network to source out camps and activities for my kids. However, too many times I have found out about camps or activities that might have benefited my kids in a better way when it was already too late. Sounds familiar???

So I created a SOLUTION! I am here to help you find and make decisions about all your kids extracurricular activities all year round!

The main objective is to provide parents with accurate, up to date, concise information , thus allowing them to choose the best fit for their kid.

Kids Camps is a directory that will provide you with a ‘one stop shop’ for all your child’s activities all year round, allowing you quick access to the different camp/activity websites while at the same time provide you with insights and testimonials from both parents and kids on each camp.

Being a North Shore resident I have decided to start close to home featuring kids day camps in North Vancouver and West Vancouver and Summer Residential Camps close to home.

Welcome, and enjoy browsing around. A lot of little treats await you!