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Waiting soooo long for summer to come :-(  Let’s head to the beach to have some fun!  8-)

With so many beautiful beaches along the North Shore, the possibilities of finding the perfect camp for your kid to enjoy under the sun are endless.

Make sure you send them with a sun hat, plenty of water and sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15, 30 if your kid has fair skin.

Beaches on the North Shore are by nature rugged from tide-line to skyline and can be described as Cobble beaches with rocky outcroppings, so wearing sandals is not a bad idea, specially for those of us used to more sandy beaches. Having said so, this is no impediment to enjoy a Summer day on the beach while surrounded by nature and in most cases beautiful villages and restaurants or food concessions.

Here are some of the beautiful beaches you can enjoy in the North Shore. Many camps do field trips to some of these beaches or, you can always head to the beach to have some family fun over the weekend:

Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver

Whitecliff Park in West Vancouver

Dundarave Beach in West Vancouver

Cates Park  in Deep Cove

Panorama Park in Deep cove


When your kids reach that age where they may not be interested in going to camp, talk to them about getting engaged in activities or camps that will give them the opportunity to eventually work and earn some money for themselves.

Most summer camps now offer “Leadership Camps” geared specifically to older teenagers, giving them the tools to eventually become “Camp leaders” and the opportunity to volunteer or get hired.

Continue reading FOR TEENAGERS TOO


 Summer time is approaching and why not introduce your little one to easy breezy summer camps. The North Shore has great activities for the little ones to have some fun with their little buddys while mom or dad have a couple (or may be more) hours to go for a run, go grocery shopping or simply, enjoy a little me time.

Of course we are absolutely crazy about our little ones, but keeping a preschooler from climbing the walls while many times trying to nurse a baby can wear out even the most dedicated parent.

What are we to do?

Day camps are the answer to this riddle! There are great camps that will nurture and keep your kid happy while teaching him important social skills .

Our Drop-In camps are a great alternative if you are nor ready to commit for a full week. Keep in mind that most of these camps just run for a couple of hours a day, the right amount of time to get to the grocery store…