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The first time I saw  my son leaving for a summer camp, it broke my heart. Despite having raised him as an independent young boy, the thought of not being close to him in case he needed me was pretty scary.

He is a tough kid when he needs to be – but he is also a warm and lovely soul that still lets me cuddle up in bed with him to read books or enjoy a good movie on the weekends.

The amazing thing about summer camps though is the amount and quality of attention every child receives. So much so that the kids don’t really have much time or need to miss home! It helps them tremendously with their confidence and it’s amazing to see how grown up they look when they come back. It’s an experience that every kid should be given. The bonds of friendship they acquire during such a short period of time (although it seemed longer to me) and the memories they create are for a lifetime and an invaluable and absolutely  necessary building block  in their foundation.