Day Two of my self imposed NO WHEAT FLOUR Diet

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Good Morning!

Here we are, 7:30 am and my alarm goes on. How is this possible? It seems like I just fall asleep… Never mind! Up & @it!

Breakfast: I had my home made granola with natural yogurt. You can find the recipe here: HOME MADE GRANOLA  RECIPE  I also had my usual cup of coffee.

Later during the day I pop few almonds in my mouth together with my now almost finished cranberries. An apple around 11:00 ties me up ’til lunch.

It’s been another busy day at work and 1:30 sneaks up on me.

Lunch: My husband had made a tortilla with rice and eggs and that’s what I have for lunch, along with a glass of acai berry juice. Mmmmm.

I keep on looking at the Christmas tree thinking I should really take the ornaments down & put things away… Squirrel, and the thought is goooone!

After picking up my kid from school I decided to have a cup of tea with…. no, with nothing ’cause I’m not eating those tea cookies that are on my cover looking at me telling me to eat them. No Way! Pheeewww, that was close. I should start thinking on baking some kind of gluten free cookies. What do you think?

 Day 2 Dinner - No wheat Dinner: Here is what I have chosen for dinner: Organic Brown Rice Penne  with an extra lean ground meat sauce.

In a saucepan I melt a bit of butter. Add 2 cloves of garlic and half chopped up chiyote o guatila (My mom says it has wonderful benefits…) Brown this two things a bit and add half a jar of Organic Tomato-Basil Marinara along with the ground beef. Mix it all together with a bit of cayenne pepper & a dash of red wine. Mix until  it browns and it’s fully cooked.

In the mean time I cook the pasta and once this is done, mix them both and serve! Voila, dinner is ready!

Serve it with a glass of Malbec :) Delicious!

At around 8:30 I have an orange.

END OF DAY 2!!!! YAHOOOOOOO! Another tap on my back and off to bed to read.

Good night! Few cranberries….

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