No wheat dinner - Quinoa-Shrimp-Peas on curry sauce

Day Tree of my self imposed NO WHEAT FLOUR Diet

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Here we are, it’s day three and I feel good, tana, tana, nana… !

For Breakfast I have scramble eggs and coffee. I keep on working hard so by the time lunch comes around I haven’t even been snacking… that much! I decided to go for a healthy lunch and go for a simple salad with spinach, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. I whip a vinaigrette with olive oil & balsamic vinegar… Mmmmm tastes good. My husband comes home and hands me a treat he got for me… I take a bite only to realize that he’s been Chicky… It is my favorite Thomas Hass pistachio-almond croissant…That’s actually mean… really mean! I stay strong and don’t eat any more… He laughs at me and tells me he won’t tell anyone if I eat it all, he even warms it up for me (NO, no, this is horrible, smells soooo good) Ok, another bite…. I’m so tempted… (Mainly ’cause I think nobody is reading this blog…. yet, so no harm done) Instead I turn around and grab few more chocolate covered cranberries.

OOOMMMMM Life is good! It’s ok, I can do this!!! Let’s start taking the tree ornaments down, why not!

I go pick up my son from school, take him to his piano lesson, drop him off at home & go off to do my Spanish lesson. We talked about her favorite foods and she tells me she loves quinoa which give me the perfect idea for dinner ! :)

No wheat dinner - Quinoa-Shrimp-Peas on  curry sauce


Dinner: I make quinoa and mix it with shrimp & peas prepared on a curry sauce (Butter, garlic, curry powder and whipping cream)

On the side I make a salad with Spinach, tomatoes, yellow peppers and carrots. Just as lunch.

I go off to my girlfriend’s house and indulge on some good wine & conversation! I love Louise ;)

End of Day 3. Successful despite the croissant incident.