Me, starting my no wheat diet

Day One of my self imposed NO WHEAT FLOUR Diet

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Today is the day. I don’t have more excuses! All my family visits for the holidays left yesterday, and with their departure my DAY ONE of No wheat flour diet has began.

No I haven’t been diagnosed (yet) with a wheat allergy, nor  am I trying to start a new cult, religion or way of life. It’s much more simple than that… I recently watched a video sent by a friend of mine in which a scientist talks about symptoms that go unnoticed for people with Celiac disease.  I had been thinking for a while to stop eating gluten (at one point made it to 10 days without eating any kind of bread) because, otherwise a very healthy person, I suffer from eczema and somehow I believe it is related to the wheat… No, I don’t have scientific proof to back up my suspicions. It’s only a hunch from a very typical North Vancouver mom. That video I mentioned, talked about the possibility of eczema being one of the symptoms that go unnoticed for people suffering from Celiac disease… so I have decided to make my own little experiment.


Me, starting my no wheat diet
This is what I say to WHEAT FLOUR!!!

I hereby pledge to go at least 8 weeks without eating (at least knowingly) anything made with wheat flour!

This blog will talk about what I’m eating day to day, recipes I might try, improvement or not of symptoms, and any other juicy details that might seem relevant.

Wish me luck and send me any easy recipes you might think worth it! (Watch carefully for the word EASY, I mean it;)

Breakfast: A sunny side up egg with a cup of coffee.

Managed to not fall for the toasts I had ready for my son’s lunch…

Snacking… a lot! This will definitely not be a LOOSE WAY kind of diet. The thought of not eating bread has gripped me and turned me into snacking-monster…

In preparation for my No WHEAT diet, I went to the Trader Joe’s in Seattle and loaded up on nuts, fruits, easy to eat veggies, cheese, and may be not enough dark chocolate covered cranberries (The box is almost gone).

Lunch: Fast approaching, I’m very thankful it’s been a busy day at work. I work from home as a Graphic Designer, mainly designing Websites. Many of my projects had fallen behind because of the winter holidays and now it’s a good time to get back to it! It keeps my mind away from food!

I had a cheese string, few carrot sticks, another cup of coffee & two pieces of ham.

I’m feeling strong and positive… specially after indulging myself in some more dark chocolate covered cranberries.

Dinner: This will be the first time I actually have to think about what to make or not for a meal. I decided to make chicken breast on white sauce, basmati rice and a salad (Spinach, pears, apples & a soft balsamic vinegar vinaigrette). So far, so good.

As I was about to make the sauce for the chicken I realized I usually make a kind of bechamel sauce, which calls for flour. Instead I sauteed a bit of garlic, add the chicken and some whipping cream and let it brown a bit… Mmmmm Perfect! As a treat I had a plantain I was letting ripe. I baked it with cheese and bocadillo (a type of guava paste) in the middle. The perfect dessert and the end of day one of my ordeal! Well done Magda…. Tap, tap, tap on my back ;)

Good night!…Few more chocolate covered cranberries.




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