Day # ? of my wheat free diet

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You might want to know how is my “wheat free diet” going… Well, first of all, at this point I’m not counting the days any more. I have been really good and really naughty.

Really good because for the most part I have managed to avoid wheat. I have made quite a bit of substitutions in my day to day life and I have found new products that have made my life easier.

Having said so, when my girlfriend brought my favorite pie for dessert yesterday I made the conscious decision of… having it. She brought  strawberry-rhubarb pie from one of my fav bakeries: Savory Island Pie Co. in West Vancouver.

Although I had just but a fraction of what the rest of my family had, I truly enjoyed it but once I finished, I didn’t feel the need of having any more of it. 

I have found now that although the lack of wheat hasn’t helped much with my eczema, (yet), it has helped me with other health issues like being with less sniffles in general. I’m sure the fact that toasts are not my first choice when reaching for a snack has helped as well. I find myself making better food choices.

I have also to report that I made my first no wheat bread. I used the glutino mix which has rice flour, potato starch and guar gum. I added eggs, yeast, and milk. The result, a delicious every day type of bread. The texture is similar to corn bread and the taste delicious.

So,  a happy camper with none to very little wheat in my life, I will keep on telling you how my experiment goes, hopefully in a weekly bases. I promise to post recipes or meal ideas as well.

For now, I leave you with a picture of my bread.