Day Four of my self imposed NO WHEAT FLOUR Diet

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I had a lazy start  of the day. Luckily it all got better once my girlfriend texted me to meet up for coffee & a walk.

Breakfast: I scrambled an egg and have a glass of juice. No coffee this morning since I’m going to treat myself to a latte from my fav coffee shop: Moja

We head sown to Moja with my girlfriend order a couple of lattes and I suggest she tries my all time favorite croissant ( yes, the same one my husband brought me yesterday). She is trying not to make me feel bad about eating wheat in front of me, but surprisingly enough, today I just don’t feel like I need to have it at all.

We sat down, had our lattes, got caught up on holiday stuff . She had half of her almond-pistachio croissant (Saving the left over for later), and leaving it right in front of me for a long while… Funny enough it didn’t bother me at all and we kept talking like nothing. I didn’t even thought much about it! Extra pat on my back!! Pat, pat, double PAT!

Lunch time was easy! I just warmed up left overs from the days before. I mixed the quinoa-shrimp-peas curry meal with rice & chicken, warmed it up and had a great meal!!!

I have now finished taken down all of the Christmas Decorations. They are safely stored now in boxes until next December. The bare tree is still standing up, but that is my husband’s job, so eventually it will be taken away from my line of vision and the house won’t smell like fresh pine tree anymore. That, I’ll miss!

Day 4 of my No wheat DietDinner: On my way back from my walk with my friend I had bought some bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon.

I set it up on the grill and in the mean time start warming up the same mix I had for lunch. I also steamed some green beans. Once they are done I drizzled some toasted sesame seed oil on them and a pinch of salt. We all had water and as a dessert treat I enjoyed few cranberries.

Oh,I forgot to mentioned, I was super proud of myself today. I found a Ferrero chocolate laying down on the kitchen counter. Ferreros are my favorite chocolates! I unwrapped it and place it in my mouth but as I’m about to take a bite I thought about the crunchy part inside the nut covered chocolate and got suspicious about it. I popped it out of my mouth, headed for the computer and goggled “Ferrero Chocolates Ingredients”. Sure enough, wheat is one of the ingredients. Bye, bye, Ferrero…So long!

As I get rid of it I start wondering if my husband didn’t left it lying down for me to find it and “accidentally” eat it. Hmmm, very odd….