Chinease Hot Pot

Day 5, 6, 7,8,9,10,11 of my No Wheat Diet

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I know what you thought… You thought I had failed! Well, no actually, I’m happy to report I’m right on track and the path seems now easier and less traumatic.


Breakfast: coffee & scrambled eggs

Lunch: I have some Organic Brown Rice pasta with veggies. It is really tasty.As I’m finishing my lunch I can’t help get excited about dinner at our friends. They are Chilean, so the meal will be a typical Chilean meal.

Dinner: We are received by two very hungry hostess. Meal starts with devil eggs and avocado. Then we follow with Charquicán. Lucky for me, Charquicán is made with no wheat flour. It’s a kind of beef stew with stewing beef, squash, lima beans, carrots, onions, garlic & corn. It was truly delicious and it was served together with a very yummy salad with lots and lots of lemon on it and a wiener.

It was time for dessert and our hosts had a choice of “Pan de Pascua” which is similar to a Paneton and a mango mousse. I opted for the mango mousse and separated the few pieces with dough on it. I committed a crime ripping the dessert apart but I prevailed and didn’t have any wheat… Instead I compensated with an extra glass of wine LOL! :)


Breakfast: Granola with yogurt

Lunch:  @ the ski hill. Woooohooooo! I order a chili…. and it was not too good I have to admit. I had a chocolate bar as well, nuts and bocadillo for energy ;)

Dinner: Our neighbours came over for appies & drinks. I made nachos with salsa, guacamole, strawberries, we have cheese and they have crackers;)

Another successful day!

From Sunday through Thursday has been all a blur. I can’t remember what I ate each day, all I know is I am still going strong and haven’t eaten any wheat!!!

I’ve been meaning to finish these draft but life has come in between my good wishes and priorities have taken over.Here is a summary of DAYS 7 through 11.

Chinease Hot Pot

On Monday we went for Chinese hot pot and that was fun. A new dinning experience and I must say, one we all enjoyed a lot. Every table has one or two induction elements. You decide a base for the broths you will simmer your food into. Then you add all kind of fixings to the broths. Beef, lamb, dumpligs, veggies, etc.

You are given an assortment of ingredients to make your own sauce, depending on your preferences.

Then you just dig in, and scoop whatever you want to eat into your bowl and put a little bit (or not) of the sauce you just prepared.

As a result, everyone eats what they want and everyone is happy !!

Chilean-Empanada-with-Tomato-Onion-SaladOn Wednesday I almost have Chilean Empanadas. My brother in law was in town so I warmed up some empanadas and tossed an tomato-onion salad. As we sat at the table and I’m about to bite into it, my husband (bless his heart) stops me by saying: Are you eating wheat? I dropped the Empanada on the spot and decide to disect it , eating just the inside. An empanada has “pino” inside. The “pino” is a mix of ground beef, onions, eggs, raisins and an olive. That and a sizable serving of salad did the trick ;) That was close though…

I haven’t had any wheat (to the best of my knowledge) and I have decided now to buy some wheat free flour. I will attempt to make some bread and baked goods, which I have to admit, I’ve been missing… although, odd enough, not craving.

The hardest meal to get around without grabbing a piece of bread, has been lunch. With us being so used to just eat a sandwich, that has been a bit challenging. I usually end up having left overs from dinner, and that tends to work fine.

Lots of nuts and other healthy bits in between keep me in check.